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Lauren Kenzie Lifetime Warranty Program

Lifetime Warranty

Lauren Kenzie jewelry is backed by a lifetime warranty. No matter what happens or where you buy it we have you covered! Click the button below to read more about how our warranty process works.


We use 14k gold filled and solid gold. Made to last for years to come. 
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Permanent Jewelry by Lauren Kenzie

About Us

Lauren Kenzie

Lauren Mckenzie Brewer started her jewelry business, Lauren Kenzie, in 2017 while still in high school.


She worked out of her bedroom for several years.


In 2019, Lauren competed with other successful businesses throughout the state of Alabama as part of the "Alabama Launch Pad" competition, receiving first place and $50,000.00 to expand her small business into the burgeoning multi-state operation it is today.


In 2020, Lauren and her husband, Andrew, opened their first warehouse in Alabama.

That same year, the couple joined Atlanta AmericasMart to further expand their wholesale business.


Currently, Lauren Kenzie has two warehouses in the U.S., over 600 worldwide retailers, about a dozen full-time employees and plans for even more expansion.


Lauren's keys to success have been her meticulous attention to detail, her husband's untiring support and their loyal, hardworking employees; and her unique brand of jewelry that carries a lifetime warranty.


When it comes to excellence in jewelry craftsmanship,

Lauren Kenzie is the name to remember.

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